Staging Your Vacant Home

Which one gets the buyer’s time and attention?

When considering the benefits of staging a vacant property some of the impact is pretty obvious-an empty room is bland and undefined while a staged room is warm and inviting. What may not be as apparent is the amount of time the average buyer spends viewing an empty vs. staged home. If you are a prospective buyer viewing listing photos, how much time will you spend looking at pictures of empty rooms of a house?

You have one chance for a first impression!

Staging will increase the amount of time and attention buyers give listing photos which in turn can increase the number of showings of the home. Why leave a property vacant knowing it will get less showings?

  • A staged property shows like a showroom. It will generate much more traffic from the pictures and marketing materials.
  • Some floor plans can be very confusing to a potential buyers. Identifying the space and giving it a function and personality with furniture, eliminates the confusion.
  • Buyers have a difficult time visualizing how their belongings will fit into an empty space. Staging a house for sale and styling the rooms provides a sense of scale so prospects can better judge the size of the rooms.
  • A vacant house appears abandoned and leaves buyers feeling empty. In addition, all vacant houses seem alike. When you stage a vacant property, it becomes a warm, inviting space. One that they can move into, mentally.

Staging results in a greater return.

Selling a vacant home often results in a lower net return. The main reason for this is that first impressions play a big part in selling homes. When buyers walk into a home that looks bright, inviting and comfortable, they feel good. When most buyers walk into a vacant home, they feel somewhat at a loss. Think of it this way: an empty room = an empty impression. This is why builders furnish their new model homes.

Furnishing and staging a vacant property requires an investment. However, this investment will allow your property (the product) to be effectively packaged to reach a much broader audience than a vacant property will attract.

The skill and insight of a professional home stager can turn your vacant house into an inviting home!