Move In / Move Out

There are so many things to take care of when you move to a new place. Here’s a list of resources that will help you as you move in to your new home and/or out of your old one.

Change Your Address

The United States Postal Service will forward first class mail to your new address for 12 months − 60 days for second class mail − without charge. Complete a Change of Address Order Form at the postal service website. You will then need to sign the form and either give it to your letter carrier or mail it to your local post office. You can also change your address online and the USPS will forward your mail to your new address.

Register to Vote

Oregonians can register online by going to the Web site: You will be required to have a valid Oregon driver’s license, permit or identification card. For those who register online, the signatures on their driver’s licenses, permits or ID cards will serve as the signatures for voter registration cards. Those signatures will be checked to validate mail ballots in elections. Voters also can go to the online site to change political parties or addresses.

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles

If your address changes, you must notify DMV within 30 days of the change. You may complete an address change form and mail it to DMV. DMV will mail you an address change sticker to put onto your driver license, instruction permit or identification card.

Portland Utility Companies

Below are the major utility companies in the Portland metro area.

Garage and Recycling for the City of Portland

Electronics Recycling

Oregon and Washington’s free electronics recycling programs started in January, 2009, with the two states collecting nearly 5 million pounds of televisions, computers, and monitors.